The Garrett Jennings Project
The Garrett Jennings Project
Adjunct College Professor & Graphic Production Artist


The Garrett Jennings Project


The Garrett Jennings Project is a NYS Graphic Communication Arts trade association for high school students. The organization believes that the creative arts should be accessible to all students providing them with mentoring, project based learning  activities and networking.

In the 21st Century, Work-Based Learning is essential for young scholars to transition successfully from an educational institution to a working professional. The purpose of the organization is to help secondary trade schools enrich their work-based learning programs.

The organization provides teachers, administrators and students with a diverse range of resources and tools that shapes students educational and professional career path. Our mission is to serve as a resource for specialized high schools such as trade schools, P-Tech, CTE and BOCES.

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Hello, I'm Garrett D. Jennings.

I am a graphic production artist for leading consumer brands, and an educator focusing on developing the technical and artistic skills of future graphic artists. I currently freelance in graphic production in NYC and teach in adjunct college professor roles in the tri-state area.

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